Mobilizing the #LatinxVote

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Career Social Network for Latinxs | Bevisible

This month, BeVisible Latina hosted a Twitter chat with Erika Andiola on Mobilizing the Millennial Vote. Using the #LatinxVote hashtag, we discussed everything from mobilizing the Latinx vote to the issues that matter most to us. The truth is, Latinx millennials will make up almost half of the Latino electorate and we want to make it count! Here are a few takeaways from our chat:

Latinxs are a force to be reckoned with.

Latinxs are running for president, high-up in campaigns and providing political commentary this campaign season. We’re mobilizing political movements, voters and fighting for change. To sum it all up, we are a powerful voting bloc, and we’re changing the face of politics. It’s time to embrace that power, and do everything we can to mobilize our communities!

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