#ratifyERA The Way of the future!


Today, at 3pm, in the Dirksen Senate Building, a congressional hearing about the Equal Rights Act was hosted by Senator Ben Cardin.

Senator Ben Cardin wrote the S.J 15 amendment which would allow a time extension that would prevent the ERA from expiring. He is a strong advocate for the passing of the ERA. After explaining that 35 of the 38 necessary state-ratifications necessary to pass the ERA, he enthusiastically mentioned that we CAN get it done! When discussing the amendment, he reinforced the fact that this is a human-rights issue, not a “partisan” or a “women’s” issue. He went on to declare: This issue is important to the country and to every family in this country”. As a man who spoke so fervently about the need for the passing of the ERA, it became obvious that when he said “I became a senator to be held accountable for his values” he meant it!

After Senator Cardin’s words, several women including but not limited to: Roberta W. Francis (ERA Task Force Co-Chair), Bettina Hager (ERA Task Force Co-Chair), Elise Gould, Eleanor Smeal (President and Founder of the Feminist Majority Foundation and Publisher of Ms. Magazine)

Why pass the ERA?
The ERA would have tangible impacts on the lives of women:
– Equal pay would ensure more economic stability for women, especially women of color who are disproportionately affected
– If the ACA were to be repealed, women would be charged disproportionately for healthcare

Ratification in the states:
“Women Matter Use Your Power”, a group of women who persistently stayed in Virginia’s Capitol really did impact how the ERA was perceived by the congress people on both sides of the aisle. This anecdote serves as testimony of the impact women can and should have on the passing of the ERA. Everyone needs to stand alongside states such as Arizona, Missouri, Florida, Illinois and Virginia who have brought up the ratification of the ERA in their state legislatures.

Eleanor Smeal:
The President and Founder of the Feminist Majority Foundation, and publisher of Ms. Magazine spoke of her personal involvement in the fight for the Equal Rights Amendment. She warned against all of the “monied interests” that profit from systems in which women are paid less for the same work, and charged more for the same services. As a young, Latina, feminist, I got goosebumps when Eleanor Smeal stated “OUR movement [the feminist movement] is growing” “they [critics of the ERA and feminists] know that the fight for equal rights is not only immensely popular, but it is the way of the future!”

Do you want to get involved or follow up with these issues on twitter?
Tweet your congress people!
Use the hashtags: #ratifyERA #ERAnow and #SJ15 to draw attention to the need for the extending of the time limit for the ERA and the need for the passing of the amendment!>

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