Gender Wage Gap in the U.S.

Pay equity is at the heart of many conversations about gender inequity in contemporary times. Most people are not aware that the wage gap in the U.S. persists today, or the extent to which pay is unequal across gendered/racial lines. This article discussed the wage gap in a contemporary context, check it out:




An article released earlier this week in The Huffington Post does a great job at breaking down the American Association of University Women’s most recent report on gender wage gap. Highlighting certain aspects of the AAUW’s report, Alanna Vaglano’s summarizes the findings by ending with a remark I could not help but mention;

“We’ll probably send a woman to live on Mars before women earn as much as men do here on earth.”

As a young woman preparing to enter the professional world, my thoughts are just along the same lines as Vaglano’s. Would I be better off in Mars then in Wyoming, where the report finds that women take home a mere 64% of men’s average earnings? After controlling for factors such as education, ethnicity, GPA, college majors etc. AAUW’s report illuminates the idea that wage gaps have become inherent to our country. It is…

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