“Boys Wills Be Boys”

It’s so ridiculous to think how often the same excuse is given by legislators who fail to support legislation such as the Violence Against Women Act, or fail to see the importance of allowing women in the military to report assault to forces outside of the military chain of command! This string of thought is pervasive, and should not be tolerated, especially in the Capitol where national, legislative decisions are made!

Read the following post to learn more about how dismissing inappropriate male behavior by saying “boys will be boys” can have larger implications than one would think.

Rape Culture

A five-year-old girl was the victim of rape in Missoula County, Montana and the perpetrator was sentenced to only two years of community service. The victim’s mother, rightfully enraged, asked the prosecutor why the sentence was so short. Missoula County Attorney Fred Van Valkenburg responded with “Boys will be boys.”


That is not an excuse. There is no excuse for committing rape. Not being under the influence of alcohol or drugs, not the victim’s clothing choice, not the perpetrator’s desire, not “boys will be boys.”


Using this as an excuse for boys to do anything, not just rape, is harmful to society. This article in Feminspire discusses how this idea shapres our perception of masculinity and lowers our expectations of how boys act. The phrase allows boys to be rule-breakers. If they are taught they’re naturally aggressive and irrational, they’re taught that they can’t control themselves, which people…

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